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Daily Prompt: On the Road

If I had a chance to go back about 15 years ang get back “On the Road” proverbial speaking, I would go to one of two places, to an Amish community, or to Alaska. Why?, you ask; to get away from electricity, iPads, computers, etc, to learn how to enjoy life more simple, do my work, and then have that actual time for me, to draw, write, or to pull from within all the simple pleasures that I enjoyed growing up. To have that sense of wonder fill me again as ideas popped into my head. Like a really cool poem, where the words just flowed from my heart, or when I was drawing and as I drew, (with out any training) a good picture magically started to appear, and then I’d finish and realize that GOD had given me a natural talent, where I felt free to express myself. Or to sit back and read a funny book laughing out loud,  without someone thinking I was up to something.  Read a serious drama and then start  crying, where I felt like I actually was a part of the story, maybe one of the cast. To feel free to walk around or wander in the neighbor hood without fear of “evil doers”. At night I would leave my window open to hear the frogs and crickets harmoniously singing, so many things that today’s life has robbed, or maybe we’ve taken for granted so I’m trying to re-connect with a golden time of “Simple Pleasures” getting back ” On the Road”.
Below is a picture of one of my quilts, it has lots of embroidery and my “First” FMQ-ing . Using different designs & methods… Not to bad! But def want to be better!  So I will keep plugging along , learning something new everytime I start up a new quilt, or begin quilting a new quilt.  Any help is appreciated!